When empty becomes an opening.


You barely remember your life before it was dedicated to the kids. Now you realize your kids are becoming adults who either are or will soon be on their own. And so will you. You are a middle-aged (or beyond) empty nester, and you begin wondering…

  • How will you write ACT III of your life?
  • Will you be open?
  • Will you welcome the possibilities?
  • Are you going toward your most vibrant, authentic stage of life?
  • Are you curious to discover what’s ahead?
  • Are you in a fork in the road, wondering which path to follow?
  • Separated from your spouse and adult kids and wondering what’s next?
  • Would you like to hear from others who are already writing ACT III?


We are the Open Nesters. We are the Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers who reject the traditional roles that our parents played and the empty nest syndrome. We defy the stigma of ageism, ailing health, empty retirement and a passionless sex life. The demographics of this middle-aged population comprise 34% of our population in 2020, and 42% by 2029. As our aging population grows, our lifestyle choices need to expand along with it.

Push Play below to hear from your hosts, Tessa and Amir.

All About Open Nesting
TessaAll About Open Nesting
Open Nesting


We hope that our podcast opens a window into what is possible at this transitional and tender stage of life, encouraging you to look beyond the emptiness and toward what this period can OPEN up in your life. Together we explore relationships with our adult, millennial kids in parallel to our own reclaiming a passion for living and a passionate sex life, and so much more. We interview individuals & couples regarding new creative and spiritual journeys, intellectual and physical adventure, new careers & hobbies, intimacy, fantasy and true love, eroticism, and even kink as some of our topics.

Together we explore the journey of re-discovering and reinventing our lives as our grown children leave the nest. We hear about the sides of people that have been left unexplored during a long-term marriage. The mysteries, fantasies and unmet desires and needs are laid wide open at this juncture in their lives. Their empty-nesting chapter in life is anything but empty! It’s an Open Nest, fulfilling, expansive, explorative, and raw. The stories reveal alternative lifestyles and explore how our generation is redefining life on their own terms.


We, for example, have chosen to be in an open relationship, agreeing to non-monogamy both emotionally & physically, and you will hear of some alternative practices—outside and inside the bedroom. As your hosts, in our first episode, we discuss the Opening of our ACT III.

The COVID Crisis has created a new reality for many of us. Many have experienced their offspring returning to the nest for transitions and setbacks, but COVID has exploded that phenomena. During this podcast we will address setting boundaries while continuing to nurture our kids as adults. As in all relationships, these discussions need to be opened up, so that we use this time to develop our own authentic ways of being and exploring.


As Open Nesters, we defy the societal norms and cultural expectations. We are older, yes, but we are stronger than ever, we live longer and we live life on our own terms. We are taking risks that reward us with rich relationships and experiences that are OPEN. We model the very best of how life is meant to be lived, with open minds and open hearts.

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