Tessa & Amir

The Original Open Nesters

Tessa & Amir are a deeply experimental and creative couple who have been joyfully married for over 30 years. They have three adult kids: one is married while two are flowing in and out of the home as they find their way in the world – particularly now during COVID-19.

Tessa & Amir have been and continue to hold their families in the highest of priorities. They nurture intentional family time and holiday celebrations, as well as precious one-on-one time with their adult children. They believe that, having allowed the kids the space to grow, this gives Tessa & Amir the opportunity for karmic payback!

All About Open Nesting
TessaAll About Open Nesting

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You can often find her in the woods or on the beach, meditating, dancing, or drumming.  Paying close attention to the people and the world around her, and believing that by holding the pain and messiness of life, sorrows yield to the delights and connections possible in every moment through an open heart.

Tessa has been an educator most of her life, in addition to her work as a public speaker and coach on topics of mindfulness and movement, following graduate studies. Her work seeks to invite us all into deeper permission for playfulness and creativity. She thrives on meeting and engaging with new people from all walks of life and loves the journey inherent in this labor of love.


Amir is a successful serial entrepreneur, a hobby DJ of late-night radio, music collector extraordinaire, and antique radio collector. He is a photographer and a visionary thinker, continually finding new vantage points of creative and business expression.

His mom’s incredible legacy and radio personality was his inspiration and shaped his passion for music. He believes music is the great connector, shaping his life and holding him through pivotal moments. Sharing it is how he communes in love with the people around him.

Amir continues to surprise Tessa, inspiring her ecstatic dance to new genres of music.


We have chosen to be in an open relationship, agreeing to non-monogamy both emotionally & physically, and you will hear of some alternative practices—outside and inside the bedroom. As your hosts, we will launch the podcast series by discussing the Opening of our ACT III.

Together, we have explored many different pursuits and launched interesting businesses, and during non-COVID-19 times, we travel extensively.

The Open Nesters Tessa and Amir